Job Post Template


The Job:

Begin with an emotive introduction and a good hook! Include 3-5 details that your ideal candidate will find exciting about the role.


Who Should Apply?

Describe the ideal candidate you’re looking for (ex. Soft skills) 


What will your day-to-day look like?

Include details and a clear outline of the responsibilities of the position. Who will they work with? Who will they report to?



List out what the candidate needs in order to fulfill their duties and expectations of the job.


About Us / Who We Are / Our Story:

Tell job seekers how awesome you are! In a brief paragraph of 3-4 sentences, describe what problem your company solves, how long you’ve been around, the company culture, and the stability of your company. Don’t forget to include those company values! 


Include details about your remote situation. Here are some questions to help you out:

  • Are you remote-first or remote-friendly?
  • Are you looking for candidates in a specific region or time zone? 
  • Why are you a remote company?
  • What are your logistical requirements?
  • Ex. “We meet on a quarterly basis for in-person team meetings (all flights and accommodations are covered) and have status meetings once a week.”


Some other tips:

  • Be transparent with your remote expectations. Do you hold mandatory meetings on Monday? Do you require your team members to cover their own work equipment?
  • Include your communication process. Provide high-level details on how your employees stay in sync.
  • Incorporate relevant keywords in your job posting. Here are a few examples:

Remote job

Work remotely


Virtual job


Work from home


Because you’ll be receiving a large volume of applicants, including these remote-related details will help inform remote candidates whether your company is the right fit for them and filter out the applicants simultaneously.


What We Offer:

List out your company benefits. If you’re a young company, and you don’t have benefits to sell with quite yet, state that! Honesty and being upfront is really what it’s about.


Application Process:

Break down the application process is from when they first apply to when they get hired. This’ll inform the candidates and they won’t need to contact you wondering, “What’s next?”


Handy Remote Hiring Tips:

  • Use inclusive language - avoid words like “rockstar”, “ninja”, and any other alienating languaging that contains bias
  • Flip the language from “We’re looking for” to “You are” so that it’s more relatable to the candidate
  • Format your job listing so that it’s pleasurable to read (ie. don’t include a million bullet points in the Requirements section that could be better articulated in a company mission statement on your own website).
  • Get a couple of different eyes on the job listing before pushing it live. Proofread, proofread, edit, proofread, edit, proofread.
  • You’re a remote company, so that means that people will sometimes be working from home. If you have the wiggle room, offering a coworking space membership goes a long way to hiring well and maintaining quality workers. 
  • Featuring your job on We Work Remotely will give you 5x the exposure and double the tweets. It’s really the quickest way to hire. 


And there you have it! Thanks for reading and passing along if you find it valuable! We really appreciate you being a part of the community and remote work revolution!